The Statewide Problem with Black Mold in Texas

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Mold is prevalent in the state of Texas, as they are all over the country. Mold spores get into homes in Texas through the open windows, pets, and clothing. And like other states, Texans have to deal with black mold in their basement, carpets, HVAC systems, attic, and bathrooms. Suffice to say, black mold is a statewide problem in Texas.

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Texas Law Regarding Black Mold

Texas law addresses mold issues in rental apartments. The Implied warranty of habitability requires that owners of properties have a responsibility to make their properties habitable for tenants. Landlords must remove anything that might be harmful to the health and safety of tenants, including mold.

As a tenant, if your landlord doesn’t fix your mold problem within a reasonable time, you can file a lawsuit against the landlord and withhold rent. You can also choose to repair the mold damage yourself and deduct the cost from your rent.

Just bought a new home in Texas and you discovered that it’s infested with mold? You can hold the previous owner responsible as they should have informed you about the damage.

What to do if Your Landlord fails to Remove Mold

Mold can cause severe health damage to those exposed to it. If your landlord refuses to remove mold from your property, you can contact a personal injury lawyer, especially if you have health concerns caused by the mold.

Accumulate as much evidence as you can and do a test for mold to help your toxic mold claim. Your personal injury lawyer will advise you on the next course of action to take.

Removing Mold Yourself

For minor mold growth, you can attempt to clean it off yourself. However, if the growth is significant and exceeds 10 square feet, you should contact a professional mold removal company.


Breathe Pure Texas is a reliable mold removal company in Texas. We have the right training and equipment to handle any mold issues. All our mold removal services are in accordance with mold regulations in Texas. Contact us to get a free estimate today.


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