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Professional Mold Service Near Garland, TX

Mold can cause an immense amount of damage and health concerns within a home. If you think that your home may have mold present, it's important to identify the signs and contact a professional for assistance. At Breathe Pure in Garland, TX, we provide mold inspections, mold remediation and removal, and other services. Our professionals are courteous, patient, and knowledgeable about all things related to mold. Our specialists over a decade of experience in the industry and are fully licensed to remove it safely. We offer free, no-pressure individualized estimates over the phone or by email. We provide customized services based on your needs, and we are dedicated to providing peace of mind to your family. We understand how overwhelming mold issues can be, and we are here to help. If you are unsure of what to do in a mold situation, contact Breathe Pure in Garland, TX, today to learn more about our mold services. 

When are mold services necessary?

There are a few situations where mold services are particularly necessary and can benefit homeowners in the long-run. Each home is different, and the Breathe Pure professionals get to know your home and its needs. From purchasing a new home to flood damage or more, mold services can prevent further complications. Mold can cause health concerns and intensify allergy symptoms, so it's important to promptly tackle these issues. A few mold spread signs include mold being present in the cracks and corners of your walls, strange odors, moisture present, and more. Breathe Pure is committed to helping you save money and avoid continued hazardous conditions down the line. Below we break down a few situations where it is best to contact the professionals at Breathe Pure in Garland, TX, for mold services.

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Visible mold throughout a home

Firstly, if you can visibly see mold in your home, it's vital to call a professional to assess the situation. At this point, the mold can spread throughout the house, causing more problems. Mold can come in a wide range of colors, including black, brown, and green. They can present various hazards that can affect your home and family in different ways. If you can see mold in your crawl space, basement, bathroom, or any other area, take note of it and contact a mold specialist. We are here to provide solutions for all of your mold concerns. Contact Breathe Pure in Garland, TX, if you see any mold in your home. 

Flood damage

One of the top contenders of mold issues is flooding. Floods can cause water to damage your home and property and providing a breeding ground for mold to thrive. If your home has sustained water damage, mold services are crucial to avoid further devastation to your property. From floods in the basement to massive floods throughout the house, there is potential for mold. Mold thrives in damp areas, such as crawl spaces and other rooms with similar temperatures. Any area of your home that got wet from the water damage and was not dried within two days can lead to more issues. When flooding happens, the drying process is essential because otherwise, mold can form. Mold can cause long-term damage to your health and home, so when you have water damage, it's critical to contact the professionals at Breathe Pure Garland, TX. 

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Leasing a Home

New real estate

Did you just purchase a new home? If so, you need to understand the home's condition and what needs to be taken care of for the home to be safe and livable. There may be mold present that you are unaware of, making it a top priority to get inspected. There are already many decisions to make when purchasing a home, and safety and structural integrity are the highest priorities. You can determine if there is any mold present in rooms throughout the home with a mold inspection. If there is mold in the basement, it can potentially spread to other areas. Our team can determine the source of the mold and how severe it is. Homes age throughout the years, and if a home has many issues, you might not want to buy it as it could be costly. With professional mold services, you can give yourself peace of mind when purchasing a new home. Contact Breathe Pure in Garland, TX, for more information on our mold service.