Mold in my Air Ducts Texas

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Mold is just about everywhere in your home. It can be found in your bathroom, basement, attic, kitchen and even air ducts. Mold can grow undetected for a long time in your home until they get so hazardous that you cannot but take notice of them. If you have mold in your air ducts Texas, then you’d want to know what caused them, signs and how to prevent them.

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What are the causes of mold in air ducts?

There’s mold in my air ducts Texas. What caused them? Mold thrives in dark and moist environment, which is why you can often find them in your bathroom and basement. Air ducts also have a high level of moisture and condensation, especially when the circulating water vapor fails to evaporate and turns into moisture. Trapped dust, dirt, pollen and dead skin cells in the air duct become food sources for the mold.

What are the signs of mold in my air ducts?

One of the signs of mold in your air duct is a musty odor. You will notice an unusual smell that is stronger when your HVAC system is on. You should also check to see if there’s mold in your vent and drip pans. If you notice any spots, you should have it checked out by an expert. Do you have any allergy symptom that gets better when the HVAC system is off? Then you might have mold in your air ducts.

How do I clean mold out of my Air Ducts?

If the mold problem is not significant, you can use a mixture of detergent and water to scrub it off. Another option is to buy a commercial mold removal solution for a more thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to wear your N95 mask during the removal process.

For a significant mold infestation, contact a professional mold removal contractor to help you handle the situation.

How do I prevent mold from getting in my Air Ducts?

The best way to ensure there’s no mold in your air ducts Texas is by regularly maintaining it. Clean the air ducts and change the air filters every year to avoid costly mold problems.


Got mold in your air ducts in Texas? Then get in touch with the mold removal professionals at Breathe Pure Texas for efficient mold removal.


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